Joseph Michael to add Guest Vocals to No Cal Metal Band Omery RIsing Single

     Joseph Michael (White Wizzard,Midnight Reign) went into the studio with Producer Ralph Patlan (Megadeth,Michael Schenker, UFO) to lay down some vocals for a guest appearance on Omery Rising's First Single.

The Band Released the following statement:

      "New single from Fresno's own Omery Rising! Featuring ex-White Wizzard singer and relative to the late great Ronnie James Dio, Joseph Michael on vocals. It's finally here! We are happy to announce the release of our very first single, "Lady Snow".

     There will be two songs on the CD, Lady Snow and a bonus track, Road to Sleepy Hollow. Taking over as guest vocalist for the tracks is ex-White Wizzard singer Joseph Michael! Joseph is straight from the bloodline to one of Metal's greatest singers, Ronnie James Dio, and it truly shows on these songs.

     The single is produced by Ralph Patlan, who has worked along side with many great bands.(Megadeth, White Wizzard, Bonded by Blood, etc.)We will be releasing the songs digitally on April 1st and will be releasing copies of the CD on April 29th. We're looking forward to this release and are excited to show you our true sound. So come with us and be part of The Rising!" More information here:

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