Hayley Dees - Power of Love

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Vocals - Hayley Dees

Synth,Bass,Percussion - David Chamberlin (Entrzelle)

Guitar, Bass - Joseph Michael Furney (White Wizzard,Midnight Reign)

Produced by Joseph Michael Furney & David Chamberlin

Mixed and Mastered - David Chamberlin

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From Los Angeles California Hayley Dees got her start in showbiz early on. Daughter of famed Vocalist Michael Dees and  Playboy Playmate Cathy Larmouth Hayley Dees Started her music career at a young age as the singing voice for Barbie Comercials.

Signing on with HRX Records Hayley Dees "Nowhere" provided the label with it's first Single for "Vixens Vol. 1", The Video gaining airplay on E! News. 

Hayley appears with her father Michael Dees on "Hell... It's Christmas" The only single from the so named Christmas EP.

Hayley  is currently in the Studio working on her first Solo Record with David Chamberlin and Joseph Michael (Vixens Vol. ii) and in pre-production on "Hell it's Christmas Vol 2"

For information on Hayley Dees Please email info@hrxrecords.com

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