Hitting the Streets February 14th Valentines Day 2012 HRX VIXENS VOL. 1

      HRX Vixens is series of Compilation Records, each Featuring ten female vocalists who are active in the entertainment industry. The records attempt to blur the lines of genre, and focus the attention on songs, the girls, and danceable grooves.
     The video for the first single “Nowhere” featuring Hayley Dees (daughter of Michael Dees of “Simpsons” fame, and Playboy centerfold Cathy Larmouth) has already been played on E! News Daily and is scheduled to run on Transit TV (Metro's Bus TV) during the week of the release to over 1.5 million viewers per day.

New developments are coming in daily so please feel free to contact us for more information:

Here are the girls of "HRX VIXENS VOL. 1"

Hayley Dees - Nowhere

Hayley Dees

Daughter of famed vocalist Michael Dees and Playmate Cathy Larmouth

Style of Music: Goth/Pop/Metal ie: Evanescence
Hayley Dees Nowhere
Hayley Dees Nowhere

Amber Martinez - Take Me Now

Amber Martinez

Singer, Dancer and Actress Amber Modeled for Lisa Kline, and is a Published Poet

Style of Music: Vintage/Rock/Pop ie; Janis Joplin, Alanis Morrissette
Amber Martinez Take Me Now

Armber Martinez Take Me Now

Natalia Golunga - Streets

Natalia Golunga 

Born in the Ukraine. At 22 years old Natalia is also an accomplished Ballet Dancer

Style of Music: Goth/Metal/Orchestral ie; Type O Negative,Evanescence

Natalia Golunga Streets

Pride Vanity - Paranoia

Pride Vanity 

Described by Robin Leach as “Barbarella meets Blade Runner”!

Style of Music: Techno/Rock/Pop ie; Madonna,D.J. Keioki

Pride Vanity Paranoia


Tia Adair

Granddaughter of Tom Adair, composer for Frank Sinatra

Style of Music: METAL ie; Slayer,Dream Theater

Tia Adair Second Coming


Starla Baker

Former Keyboardist/Cellist for Midnight Reign

Style of Music: Metal/Classical/Alternative ie; Rasputina, Savatage, Smashing Pumpkins

Starla Baker Watchtower


Dez Cleo 

California Girl graduated from the Groundlings School of Improvisation.

Style of Music: Electro/Industrial/Pop, ie; N.I.N., Lady Gaga

Dez Cleo LMFAO


Ave Rose 

Filipino-American Actress/Singer Ave Rose Starred in 2008's “The Thirst”

Style of Music: Classical/Dub-step/Pop ie; Sarah Brightman, Garbage

Ave Rose Starting Over


Adria Lang

Published Author Television Writer and Burlesque Dancer

Style of Music: Rock/Musical Theater/Pop ie; Barbera Streisand/Bon Jovi/Les Miserables

Adria Land A Toast


Forest Cobalt

Performed with Boston Ballet at the Kennedy Center and is a practicing astrologer

Style of Music: Alternative/Urban/Pop ie; Tori Amos,Portishead

Forest Cobalt Insomnia

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