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  1. Second Coming
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Vocals: Tia Adair

Written performed and Produced by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin


Second Coming

crashing through the gates like a digital freight train
you'll all submit to binary law
I gotta feelin' you'll be my next confession
screamin down the road past twisted faces in awe

and on we run
we fight, till the last one dies


we'll fight till our hands are bleeding
chragin down the road bodies twisting and screaming
we all die young but at least we die dreaming
we son't stop till our hearts stop beating

brainwashed, stand down they couldn't make me
crushing all resistance with the turn of a page
I don't need salvation don't need no one to save me
ain't gonna find what I want in that book that you sell



we laid the ground you walk upon
you fought us every step

and now we're here
your time is done
come morning you'll know what's at stake

how many have to die, at your hands
before there's a reckoning
our coming caustic amends
this paradigm you held us in
the paradox is broken
the only paradise ,...sin