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  1. Paranoia

From the recordings Vixens Vol. 1 & Free Poster and Vixens Vol. 1

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Vocals: Pride Vanity

Written performed and Produced by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



walking through shadow i'm lost in my own world
feeling distraught as my nerves become unfurled
floating... then... falling story of my life
I wish I could just disappear I hear someone coming closer
I hear footsteps behind me


so I run...
I can't take it anymore
off I go...
to a place where no one can find me
so i'll hide...
i'll travel to the other side of fear
leaving paranoia behind me

dreaming my way through streets empty and cold
eyes line the pavement with tears , lies untold
haunting... whispered... voices in my head
I wish I could just shut them off but they only
get closer and now they're here to remind me...


hey it's me...i don't know if you...pickup
I think someone maybe following me... fuck... I gotta go...help me