1. Starting Over

From the recordings Vixens Vol. 1 & Free Poster and Vixens Vol. 1

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Starting Over

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Vocals: Ave Rose

Written performed and Produced by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



a whole year lost
my life shackled to yours
I was lost inside a dream,
I know I can't forgive, that I can't forget your love
the things your body did to mine
holding up my weakness as divine
now it's left dying on the vine

now we're trapped
in an endless masquerade
every protest that I make... you deny

we both know that it's over , I found my own little place to hide
away from silent tears... far away from you and (I)

I don't wanna waste more time on this winding road
my heart's stuck in the middle with a bitch called hope
“They call it starting over”
So we give it one more shot round and round we go
and the tears they fall just like winter snow
every time see's us growing colder

now I can't tell...
where I am anymore
still lost inside a dream
the way you touched me , the way your skin
felt next to mine, seems like all the ecstacy's gone
all the pleasure had a cost
and now i'm trapped
ive given in I can't escape
every concession that I make
is made a lie


Ti amo, Ti adro
Sei tutte per me, ho bisegno di te
ti vogio, ti, desidro
ho un debolo perte
senza di te non posso piu vivere

by Joseph Michael and David Chamberlin Copyright 2012 The Hollywood Rx Records