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  1. Watchtower

From the recordings Vixens Vol. 1 & Free Poster and Vixens Vol. 1

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Vocals: Starla Baker

Written Produced and Performed by: Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



A small child... kneeling on the floor in the corner
with tears in her eyes
and she knows that, if she does what they tell her they'll all get to heaven
she'll be one of those chosen
anointed 1-44 thousand
our brothers...our sisters and dear mister adams
a new life the trinity's fallen Armageddon is coming
a new world order is rising

From Fire...
I can't take anymore of this pushing away
I'm your daughter...
is it too much to ask , choose me over your faith

now we're all here... waiting on the elders to tell us
if she will survive
it's a good thing that she didn't listen she had the transfusion
doctor say's she'll be fine
and it's ok at worst they'll avoid her at least she's alive
guess ther'll be no trip to bethel

It's been a long time severed all ties from that sad girl with tears in her eyes
and I know now I should never have listened So few go to heaven
at least that's what they told me
but I still hope when I talk that they listen
though i'm not among the anointed
in their eyes i'm still sacred
in their eyes i'm special
i've earned this salvation...