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  1. Insomnia

From the recordings Vixens Vol. 1 & Free Poster and Vixens Vol. 1

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Vocals: Forest Cobalt

Written Produced and Performed by: Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



as I lie in wait for the night to take me
I dream of her from time to time
and I know she'll come to save me
if I could just close my eyes

frustrated I lie awake & I think of all the years I tried
to give reason to this fading song to all the questions that fill my life


and I can feel “what's real begins to slip away”
i'm all alone “another sleepless night awake”

I can't sleep I can't dream
I can't forget all the things you said to me
time slips away as I pray for the words to say
though I try as I might
to pick the pieces up from the floor and put them back inside
they're swept away...
This nightmare is here to stay

verse 2

i'm lying here beside myself it takes so much thought to breathe
I can see my world upon that shelf right next to my stifled screams
my mind shuffles through my favorite songs as I lay here paralyzed
by thought that you'll be back someday
Is my fear justified?