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Vocals: Dez Cleo

Written Produced and Performed by: Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



This ain't a disco there’s no room left out on the dance floor
we gotta do this, Hit the lights, hit the stage filled with music filled with rage
I leave you hypnotized
come along, (come along) there’s no one waiting on the other side I(breath) get(Breath) excited
see the shine in their eyes when their moment arrives ( are you coming)
what are you waiting for

I'm not your girlfriend, I just wanna use your body tonight
and I don't need your number
when I can have you right here under the lights
Don’t need a boyfriend
I just need a body to use for the night
“turn you on, then I’m gone, rolling on the floor” LMFAO

there ain’t a dress code, there ain't no time for getting second thoughts
I’m gonna show you, come along for the ride let's see whats there inside
I’ll leave you humming
take my hand, walk with me baby to the edge of pain You get excited
then you run for your life without pensive goodbye's ..are you coming?
Wait for me...