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  1. Nowhere

From the recordings Vixens Vol. 1 & Free Poster and Vixens Vol. 1

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Vocals: Hayley Dees

Written Produced and Performed by: Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin



We're both lost
still trying to find our way
in this world
but were only the same in that
we've only got one person to blame
wandering through this maze, they call life
I get a sense
that nothings real and I hope that all this...

Pain is somehow only a dream in which pain is all you feel


and now there's nowhere left to go
and not one damn thing left to say
seems like i've always been on my own
I don't think anything's gonna change

(2nd and 3rd chorus only)
so now with nothing left to hide
a single candle to light my way
I'm finally free and i'm able to see
that we're headed nowhere

I catch my breath
and hold back my dismay
i'm paralyzed
I just don't understand how you could
go on living such an obvious lie
believing that I would wait, It's Not fair?
I realize
you think it wasn't real
and you hope that all this...



you were the one who made my life,
so complete
now that your lost my dreams lay wilting at my feet...


Copyright HRX RECORDS 2012 written by Joseph Michael Furney and David Chamberlin