Joseph Michael's Most Influential Records...

Røss Rübin asked for my top 15 Records...  Records that had an impact...  SO... Hate away!~  

1. Dream Theater - Awake
2. Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
3. Official Yngwie Malmsteen - Fire and Ice
4. King Diamond - The eye
5. King Diamond - Conspiracy
6. Boston - Third Stage
7. Led Zeppelin Official - II
8. Bon Jovi - New Jersey
9. Iron Maidenָ - Number of the Beast
10. Ozzy Ozborne - Randy Rhoads TRIBUTE
11. Aerosmith - Get a Grip
12. Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
13. SKID ROW - Slave to the grind
14. Megadeth - Rust in Peace
15. Pantera - Cowboys from hell

I could go on and on.. and yes eventually i branched out.. but this is the early influence list of my writing, playing and singing influences... Hope i don't get skewered on again... lol


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