WItherfall Album Complete, Official Logo Revealed

     It is with great pleasure that Witherfall announces the commencement of our debut album. The sheer number of painstaking hours, the obsessiveness and attention to detail that was put into these tracks is to what some might consider borderline insanity. But to us, we were going to go to every level to make sure that the compositions were produced and delivered to the highest standard and measure of quality. We believe that the songs deserve nothing less.

     Over the past month, we had the pleasure of working with a world-class mixing and mastering engineer that further helped our vision come to life. Future announcements will provide the details of all individuals involved in the completion of the record. For now, we feel it is time to unveil the official Witherfall logo created by the artist Anthony Clarkson (Devin Townsend, Fear Factory). Subscribe at http://Witherfall.com for further news.


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